Sunday, December 11, 2016

King of the Road?

High Bond End is a lovely walled medieval road winding up out of town. One can imagine horses and carts trudging up the hill…  but I took a long hard look at it  recently due to the death there of  Arthur, our cat,  and was appalled at the dangers inherent in it– particularly for pedestrians.  That stretch of road  is  extremely narrow, and like a helter skelter which forces walkers to cross at the most dangerous part because the already miniscule pavement disappears.    There are many walkers,  including  parents with small children moving between town and their homes up the Ripley Road. 

Our lives are more and more dominated by traffic.  The road can’t be changed, but the regulations for it can.  It should have a lower speed and weight limit which should be enforced with cameras before there are more casualties.    Are we happy with the assumption that  (ever larger) motor vehicles are ‘king of the road’?

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