Thursday, October 10, 2013

This Beautiful Summer

This Summer -  a few highlights:

Friends of the Earth Base Camp Hartington Hall - July - camped and it was hot and dry!
Green Party meeting at Richards eco-house in Hull - fantastic
Sleeper train to our friend Olly the astronomer in SE France ( Les Granges - marvellous place )
Stayed with family and friends nr Lucca in Tuscany
VERY hot 3 days nr Rome with Alex and back on sleeper
My 60th birthday in a shack in the woods at Bivouac North Yorkshire - lovely place and cafe
Beverley Town Council election : Tories got in  -  people are like turkeys voting for Christmas
Our grandson Hugo born!
A wonderful day on Beverley Westwood with 2 small granddaughters just running free
Yorkshire and the Humber Green Party development day - York
Book Group -  Iain Banks' 'Crow Rd'
Green Party Conference Brighton - stayed with Heidi and Shona - brill
Gardening and running with our family in Oxted
Cornucopia Festival Burton Agnes Hall East Yorkshire - wonderful atmosphere and weather
Book Group - 'Orlando' by Virginia Woolf