Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cacophony send-off for Lib Dems today in York

I  took an orange tin tray and big wooden spoon and joined the group of 'musicians' outside the Barbican Centre  today to play the LDs off the premises.  I was there particularly on behalf of the  thousands of people with disabilities who have died due to the inhuman 'assessments' done by ATOS.  Privatization of this kind of activity is utterly wrong. One delegate tried to explain to me that the staff running the ATOS operation had got the wrong idea about what they were supposed to be doing and were too draconian.  I pointed out that it's government's job to lead and set the tone...and anyway I had important tray-bashing work to do,  thanks very much.  
The LD delegates had little choice but to file past us.  Some of them looked suitably embarrassed.  Others didn't seem to have a clue what the problem was.
The guy lying on the ground is packing up his STOP HS2 white blow-up elephant.  There was a dog with a stylish NO NUKES coat on.  A helpful police liaison officer took the photo with me in it.   Apparently the protesters were much nicer than the lot inside the conference!