Monday, April 21, 2014

Campaign trail

– yesterday was a good day -  we needed to get some packs of Green newspapers from York cellar so decided to go by bike from Beverley - wearing our Green tabards of course.  It was a nice ride via  Cherry Burton and Etton.  We ate our lunch by St Helens Well on the old railway line nr  Mkt Weighton with all the ribbons attached to the tree. A robin came close for crumbs.  Dropped in at ‘Caring for Cats’  (Mkt Wtn)  open day…why do people apparently avoid black cats?...then to other side of A1079 (which is NOT bike-friendly):  cuppa at pub at Melbourne and visited the Pocklington Canal where volunteers run free boat trips.  We took a nice rural back route into York thru Heslington and over the Millennium bridge.  Snuck into Fairfax Corner ( )  as the guests were out,  watered pots in yard, changed  clothes in shed , used outside loo, strapped papers onto trolley , had G & T  and water with Rachel, and caught bus home  - where Bill slept all the way and I put the world to rights with a very thoughtful  lollipop man from Cottingham!...



Candidate for the Greens in Yorkshire and the Humber in Europe in 2014


‘the price of freedom is eternal vigilance’


tel 01482 862085 or 07769 607710