Thursday, November 7, 2013

Green European Candidates - York

Yorks and the Humber candidates Denise Craghill and Shan Oakes speaking at the People's Assembly day of action against austerity. 

Bonfire of Austerity - York - Nov 5th


York Station - 5 Nov - leafleting

 Don't re-privatise the East Coast Main Line - it aint broke!

Sunset 4th November

Taken from near Hotham, East Yorks: wind turbines on the left, coal-fired power station (Drax?) on the right

3 Norwood - November


Gan's 84th birthday


The Knaresborough ravens


Autumn - Beverley Westwood


Fracking is a dirty word

FOE stall in Beverley 19 October

York - Recycling milkfloat

St Nicholas Fields does the quiet recycling run in the narrow Bishophill streets outside the eco-house . Round the corner is The Golden Ball community pub...also a community veg plot, and community garden with community composting  -  all in the heart of the city - a wonderful place!

Goole College

Democracy Day -  Green Party stall: good discussion with students at Goole.  If only more schools and colleges would have days like this!  Labour and Ukip also came -  no sign of Tories or Lib Dems.  Most students were shocked to learn about Trident and used my NHS NOT TRIDENT T-shirt to ask the other parties their policy on it!

Jungle Book

Indigo Moon Theatre shadow puppets perform Jungle Book at their Hull venue for Warter Primary School