Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fracking arrests heard at Beverley court

Green Party members, Jon and Val Mager, who were the first to be arrested
at Crawberry Hill anti-frack site, have their cases heard - 28th May.
Charges have now been dropped.

Police working for Big Oil - Beverley anti-frack day

They arrested Darren for singing! ...and very painfully.
Beverlonians were shocked. He was released later without charge. The
police are extremely confused: but the brighter ones are increasingly
realising they are now working for Big Oil instead of for us, the people.

We do NOT want fracking - anywhere!

East Yorkshire - hare on the wolds. Protest - Beverley County Hall -
July 30th.

Dinksbumps: low carbon removal of garden waste

Simon taking a huge load to the garden waste depot in York on the Dinksbumps