Thursday, April 10, 2014

Who cares? (Letter to Beverley Guardian)

Dear Sir,

In response to Ian Middleton’s letter last week, ‘Does the Labour Party really care?’..   I would say that none of the old grey parties really care,  because  they are all stuck in a paradigm which  punishes the vulnerable for the crimes of the amoral  trans-national corporations and the banks which support them.  

The grey parties  are unable to see that ..‘what the world needs now’.. is a complete revamp of aims and values.   It’s ridiculous now to  support ‘growth’ at all costs.   The old  grey parties are stuck in that mind-set because of lobbying and funding from outdated vested interests.   The greys (and now UKIP) support fracking, Trident, and  the appalling  TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership…or the Big Bad Law… which will have us all dancing even more to the tune of the aforementioned corporations) and flogging off our esteemed public services to boot.  They pay lip service to social justice by arguing about frills instead of dealing with these elephants in the room.


Shan Oakes