Saturday, May 2, 2015

Corrina's new PAYF (pay as you feel) cafe - Harrogate

Congratulations to Corrina and friends on the opening of  the cafe yesterday. What a great idea!  Corrina and friends have set up this wonderful volunteer-run cafe in Mayfield Grove where you can get delicious meals and drinks, pay what you can afford, and, if you like, you can pay for someone in need to get a meal or drink later (the post-it notes represent meals and drinks for later).  It builds on Corrina's Homeless and Vulnerable Project which provides a meal every sunday for those in need in the town. This is a really fantastic example of sharing and cooperation in the community, and it uses food in danger of going to waste as well - Brilliant!!  Note the light shades made of empty food cans - and that town cryer again! ...just felt it was somewhat ironic for the ex Tory MP to cut the ribbon when his party has widened the gap between rich and poor so that projects like this are so necessary!

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