Saturday, June 7, 2014

Newark byelection

...another event clearly showing how mad our voting system is and how well rooted is 'the establishment': the only party offering sanity at a time of planetary crisis (the Greens) is beaten by tactical voting for a party promoting infinite growth on a finite planet in order to stop an even worse no possibility of hope. If we dont change this hopeless system Britain will become more and more of a basket case.


Anonymous said...

What nonsense. The Green Party was nowhere near winning this seat, even if there was no such thing as tactical voting.

Shan Oakes said...

I didnt suggest the Greens nearly won the seat. The point is that people feel forced into voting for parties which dont provide any hope of change by the FPTP system...even when there is plenty of evidence that thinking people want the Greens' policies (see Vote for policies site)