Monday, November 12, 2012

Publish lists of rich tax dodgers. Get inquiries set up!

Speakers at the European Greens final meeting: Eva Joly (France/EFA) said, "It's very important that the lists of rich tax dodgers is published and inquiries are set up." In this way the rich and powerful, withholding money from their countries, can be called to account.
This woman from Crete said there is a Greek saying that "The fish stinks from the head down." These governments have done nothing for Greece: the social fabric has been shredded and education has been devastated. Yet the pressure is still to vote for old parties but really dynamic interventions are needed now to break the vicious cycle.
Green Ways out of the Crisis: 
- Dany Cohn-Bendit speaking, and left to right, Monica Frassoni (co-chair of European Green Party), Rebecca Harms MEP (co-president of the Green Group in the European Parliament) and Nikos Chrysogelos Greek MEP. (9/11/12)
- This man (Greek Greens) was saying that there has been destruction of people's collective spirit and the only real solution is to build a socially-based economy: large cooperatives, local schemes, etc.
The Greek guy was saying that there must be more federalism.

Shan Oakes, Athens.
European Green Party Council

Balkan Green Network meeting: a Greek panel discussing the economic crisis in Greece. (8/11/12)

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