Monday, October 29, 2012

The tragedy of the human race

I can’t bear it that ancient forests all over the world are being hacked down to be replaced with industrial  agriculture in the name of ‘development’. 

In classical tragedy,  when the hero oversteps the mark,  he gets  his comeuppance :  he’s pursued to his death by the Furies.   In my view we are living our very own worldwide classical tragedy right now.   ‘The hero’   (the human race)  is exercising his fatal flaw(s) of  short-sighted selfish greedy arrogance (in the shape of Corporate Man).  He has  already unleashed the horrifying Furies.   Of course the Furies are tormenting the poorest and most vulnerable people and the other species first – but,  what goes around eventually comes around.  

What is particularly worrying is that so many  humans seem to think we can escape ‘the Furies’ by leaving this planet behind when it’s trashed, and going somewhere else :  to an afterlife, or other planets!     I wonder if we’ll ever get real and deal with our fatal flaws ?

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