Wednesday, July 2, 2008

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You can now donate online with your debit or credit card. (To comply
with UK electoral law, we can only accept donations from individuals who are on the UK electoral register. Other donations will have to be


Ourspace said...

Notice from NO2ID Music at our Myspace profile:

Hi there Shan, thank you for your invite to protest. We are all a little shell shocked here in Glasgow after we were all arrested while protesting peacefully at a Home Office consultation in Edinburgh on Monday. So it has taken me a wee while to catch up with my mail. I have enclosed a full list of the No2ID groups in the North East. Maybe you can get them on a protest rotation as there are quite a lot of them, ;D

If we can get down at some point we will. Let me know how you get on with the contact list.

Yorkshire and the Humber
Bradford Contact: Jason Smith
Phone: 07931 495421
Mailing List: http://lists. no2id. net/mailman/listinfo/no2id. bradford
Doncaster Contact: Seeking Coordinator
Website: http://www. doncaster-no2id. org. uk
Mailing List: http://lists. no2id. net/mailman/listinfo/no2id. doncaster
Hull Contact: Seeking Coordinator
Mailing List: http://www. no2id. net/mailman/listinfo/no2id. hull
Leeds Contact: Nadine Omotese
Mailing List: http://lists. no2id. net/mailman/listinfo/no2id. leeds
Scarborough Contact: Madeleine Parkyn
Website: http://www. no2idscarborough. org. uk/
Mailing List: http://lists. no2id. net/mailman/listinfo/no2id. scarborough
Selby Contact: Ross Bennett
Mailing List: http://lists. no2id. net/mailman/listinfo/no2id. selby
Sheffield Contact: Steven Montgomery
Mailing List: http://lists. no2id. net/mailman/listinfo/no2id. sheffield
Wharfedale Contact: Chloe Glover
Mailing List: http://lists. no2id. net/mailman/listinfo/no2id. wharfedale
York Contact: Temporarily vacant
Mailing List: http://www. no2id. net/mailman/listinfo/no2id. york

peace and love

Jaq x x

Indebted said...

Surely that should read 'debit and credit CARD' rather than just 'debit and credit'

I would love to be able to donate my full student loan and credit card debt, which is approaching the US government's three trillion dollar debt.

After all, Britain's total debt outstripped GDP in August 2007 - another example of Nigel Lawson/Gordon Drown's lack of fiscal prudence!

Paddy Hedges (Anti_Hedge_Fund_Manager) said...


1) Mainstream bookmakers such as Paddy Power
are not currently putting prices on the Haltemprice and Howden by-election on their website.

Yesterday, however, I emailed to ask them what price they would offer for the Green Party to win, and I was given the price of 14-1.
Therefore step one is to email Paddy Power at , or call them on
UK - 08000 565 275
Ireland - 1800 238 888
International - +353 1 4040120, or pop into one of their shops,
and ask them to offer you price on Green Party to win.

You can of course also try other mainstream bookmakers.

Paddy Power Politics Website:

2) If you have been quoted a price, and you wish to (POSSIBLY) make a million pounds (to be used for ethical purposes), divide £1,000,000 by the price quoted, and lay a bet of that amount. For example, at 14-1, you need to place £71,428.57. If you do not have such a large amount of money, and are unwilling to risk such a large amount, you can of course bet a smaller amount, depending on the minimum bet rules of the bookmakers you visit. For example, £10 at 14-1 might make you £140 back, should Shan Oakes (Green) get elected on 10th July 2008, which looks increasingly likely.

3) If you cannot get a price from the mainstream bookmakers, you may be able to put on smaller bets at Betfair. Betfair uses a system whereby you bet against others who bet in the opposite direction, so there are tight limits on how much you can bet based on the liquidity in the opposite direction. Post-credit crunch, liquidity is at a bit of a premium, so you may only be able to put on tiny amounts. However, as an example, £2 at 40-1 might reap you £78 (after Betfair have removed their commission) or £11 at 15-1 might reap back £154.00.

Betfair's matched bets are constantly in flux, so it is worth monitoring it if you wish to use it.

Betfair Politics Zone:

Betfair Haltemprice and Howden:

4) Obviously, it is possible for you to lose your money. If you are not willing to accept that risk, please do not bet. Furthermore, if you believe all gambling to be wrong, or gambling on politics to be wrong, please ignore this advice entirely.

5) If you do bet and Shan Oakes is elected, please consider sending a proportion of your earnings (eg half) to the Green Party. If not, please at least consider sending a proportion to a social or environmental organisation. Please also consider sending me 1% of your earnings at, as a reward for having come up with the idea. Of course, copyleft ideas cannot be copyrighted, and you are under no obligation whatsoever to send me the 1%, though I would appreciate it enormously.

6) If Shan Oakes is not elected (which looks increasingly unlikely), please do not come after me (at with malice aforethought. Any risks taken are taken on by those betting, and candidates can be unelected as much as elected, just as house prices can (and are) coming down. The housing bubble has burst. So has David Davis's so-called 'freedom' bandwagon, whose wheels didn't work after all. Davis supported 28 days without trial and voted for ID cards in 2004, so his 'crusade for liberty' is, very obviously, naked leadership positioning. Verily the Emperor weareth no clothes. That doesn't mean, however, that the voters of H&H are incapable of returning him to rob us off our taxation on his salary, expenses, and second home allowances all over again, and take us into another ill-judged and illegal colonial misadventure such as an invasion of Iran. Hopefully, however, they will see sense and choose not to, and instead reward Shan Oakes's positivity by returning her to Westminster with a landslide.

It's the ecolonomy, stupid!





Love from Paddy Hedges
Anti-Hedge Fund Manager (AHFM)